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Corporate Email Hosting
ITSY offers corporate email hosting solution, business email hosting, personal email services using your own choice of domain name so that everyone can have their own customized email accounts for increasing your presence on net. Our powerful web-based access provides full email operation from anywhere the web is available and it is just like (hotmail or yahoo mail) or any email clients (e.g. Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora) to read and send emails. All email hosting plans include 3-level anti spam and content filtering to prevent unsolicited mails.
ITSY's unparalleled corporate email hosting service, not only delivers email quickly and efficiently but delivers peace of mind to our client's who rely on email as an essential communication tool.
Each domain is configured with Reverse DNS entries pointing back to the mx DNS entries. We also incorporate SPF records & Domain Keys. Maximum of email sent from our server reaches the inbox of receivers instead of the spam box.
Our Corporate Email Hosting solution is designed for small to mid-size businesses, who can't or don't want to spend valuable time and resources on developing and maintaining their own internal e-mail infrastructure.

Corporate Email Hosting Features


  • SyncML v1.2 protocol support
  • Reminders System
  • Enable/disable sounds for reminders
  • Personal contacts, calendars, tasks and notes

Antispam Measures

  • Max spam check threads
  • Greylisting
  • Whitelisting IPs (for Greylisting)
  • Out of the box SpamAssassin
  • Support for Distributed SpamAssassin servers
  • Create custom spam weights
  • Outbound spam checking and blocking
  • SMTP connection level blocking for certain spam checks
  • Support for Declude
  • Per-user spam weighting and actions
  • Reverse DNS checks
  • Bayesian filtering
  • RBL listing detection
  • SPF record checking
  • Advanced domain and user content filtering
  • Automatic internal spammer detection


  • Out-of-the-box ClamAV
  • Supports third-party real-time antivirus
  • Supports third-party command-line antivirus
  • Support for distributed ClamAV server


  • DomainKeys (inbound verification and outbound signing)
  • Support for SMTP 587 submission-only port
  • Optional alternate SMTP port
  • SMTP authentication options by domain

Attack Prevention

  • Configurable outbound SMTP IP addresses
  • Manual and automatic IP black/whitelisting
  • Automatic harvest attack prevention
  • Automatic denial of service prevention
  • Malicious script filtering in webmail
  • Auto-Block IP addresses in RBL lists


  • STReportingFramework
  • Summary Reports (17 system and 18 domain)
  • Trend Reports (26 system, 15 domain, and 18 user)
  • Data drill down available in Summary Reports
  • Define report favorites
  • Export reports to CSV and TAB formats

Events and Notifications

  • Event-driven architecture
  • Notification Profiles
  • Assign actions to events (e.g. command-line, notifications, etc.)
  • Default action/notification to all users when disk quotas are reached


  • Mass propagation of settings for domains
  • Mass propagation of settings for users
  • Mass messaging to some or all users and domain admins
  • Improved Spool management for efficient processing
  • User authentication for outgoing gateways
  • Optional Spool Proc folder
  • View / download logs through the Web interface
  • Secondary dashboard (traffic statistics)
  • Manage current connections and current blocks
  • Immediate blacklisting of connections and sessions
  • Automatic notification of new versions
  • RFC compliant SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4
  • Supports IMAP IDLE
  • Specify user password strengths
  • Real-time performance dashboard
  • User settings configurable by domain
  • Can act as a gateway or backup MX
  • Configurable logging for all protocols
  • Web-based administration interface
  • Spam configuration from web interface
  • Statistical logging and reporting
  • Ability to manage all settings via one URL
  • Multiple spools (smart spooling)
  • Domain level content filtering
  • Current connection monitors
  • Folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas

Automation (Web Services / SOAP)

  • Add / Edit domains
  • Add / Edit users of domains
  • Add / Edit calendar items, contacts, tasks, and notes
  • Add / Edit RSS feeds for a user
  • View the availability of users
  • Retrieve bandwidth and usage information by user or domain

Web Interface (Webmail / Administration)

  • STInterfaceFramework (standardized skinning and elegant navigation)
  • Compose / read messages in a popup or inline
  • Drag and drop, right click menus, and keyboards shortcuts
  • Optimized AJAX controls provide desktop application performance
  • Message priorities (high, normal, and low)
  • Automatic save as draft
  • Attachment size exceeded notification
  • Upload attachments in the background
  • Extensive use of snapping panes
  • Choose preview pane location
  • Message Status Icons
  • User-level Auto Clean
  • AJAX Spell-Check
  • Implementation in Microsoft .Net 2.0
  • Auto-Complete for address fields
  • POP Retrieval from external accounts
  • RSS, RDF, and Atom news feed integration
  • Import and export contacts
  • Support for user aliases
  • Support for domain aliases
  • List server
  • Configure sub folders
  • Rich text editing
  • Mailbox spam filtering
  • Multi-language capable
  • Auto signature
  • HTML email compatible
  • Content filtering per mailbox or domain