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Home Office Internet Filtering Setup

Managing the Internet usage for your organization is no longer just a choice, It's a necessity !!!

Internet Control Reasons

ITSY can help organizations to safeguard Employee Internet misuse. It can help organizations to :

  • Block dirty and undesirable Internet access
  • Optimize Internet bandwidth usage
  • Block access to illegal file download (file sharing, P2P, FTP, etc…)
  • Limit the legal liabilities

Billions lost

Organizations lose billions to employee misuse of the Internet. Most of the employees are decent, sensible and hard working; however, there some are exceptions that require organizations to safe guide them.


According to researches:

  • Up to 40% of Internet use in the workplace is unrelated to business.
  • Up to 20% of employees view online pornography at work
  • Up to 70% of adult web sites are hit during working hours.
  • eBay ranked the 7th most-visited sites during working hours. Employee access news, information and finance sites much more frequently during working hours.
  • Employees also visit sport sites, shop online, trade stock, and bid on auction. This is an astronomical loss of valuable employee time and organization money.

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These same non-business Web sites originate a majority of malicious code, virus, and spy software. These malicious code, virus, and spy software can cause security breeches and compromise confidential information.


  • Lawsuit. Sexual, racial harassment lawsuits.
  • Hostile working environment.

All these are reasons for concern and can cause unlimited liability to organizations. However, organizations are obligated to protect their employees, shareholders and other stack holders from Internet abuse.


Internet can be addictive, even for decent, hard working people. This is not to imply that bad employees are everywhere. It is just that sometimes bad habits are easy to get but hard to correct. They cannot control their urge even if their minds want to. The solution is prevention from the beginning.

Firing can be costly

Even firing these bad employees can cost organizations dearly. Potential lawsuit, loss of working information, rehiring, retraining; all these costs can be staggering.

Internet Use Policy

Set clear Internet use policy and talk to your employee about such policy. Allow employees access to all the productive resources of the Internet. State clearly what is allowed and what is not.

Implement an Internet filtering to help enforce Internet use policy. It will block all those unproductive, undesirable Internet activities and websites. It helps to ensure your organization to have a healthy work environment.