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Joomla CMS Training

If you have recently discovered Joomla ! you know that the official documentation is fairly basic and can be quite difficult to follow for a beginner. 

Don't despair. Developing powerful websites in Joomla is easy and fast, providing you know how.


Our Joomla video Training for  Joomla contains everything you need to know in one place. It includes simple worked examples, clear step-by-step instructions to edit your web pages, build menus and templates, plus hints and tips to show you - in minutes - how to use Joomla ! to build anything from a personal website to an ecommerce site with online payments - saving you time and money. Results Guaranteed  within  7 day

You could be building a website with Joomla! within the next hour.

Following Are The Course Contents : 



  • Welcome
  • What is a content management system?
  • What is Joomla!?


  • Overview of the installation process
  • Installing MAMP
  • Installing WAMP
  • Using other services and resolving issues
  • Installing Joomla!
  • Using the example files

Creating Content

  • Adding content to the front page
  • Using Read More
  • Creating individual pages of content
  • Dividing long articles using page breaks
  • Formatting content
  • Adding an external link
  • Adding article images
  • Deleting content

Organizing Content into Sections and Categories

  • Creating sections and categories
  • Organizing content
  • Using the Blog Layout options
  • Using the List Layout options
  • Modifying section and category details
  • Adding section and category descriptions

Setting Content Display Parameters

  • Setting Global Configuration parameters for articles
  • Setting individual article configuration parameters
  • Setting content access parameters
  • Ordering articles
  • Setting publishing parameters
  • Setting article icons

Creating Menus for Your Site

  • Using menus
  • Using other menu items
  • Creating parent menu items
  • Setting menu item details
  • Setting the menu item page title
  • Creating additional menus
  • Changing the default menu items
  • Deleting menu items

Using Modules

  • Creating a sidebar
  • Configuring modules
  • Assigning modules to menu items
  • Creating a login module
  • Creating a breadcrumb module
  • Creating a syndicate module for RSS feeds
  • Using other modules

Using Components

  • Using the content component
  • Creating a contact component
  • Creating a poll component
  • Creating a search component

Managing Users

  • Creating a user 1:55 2.2 MB
  • Granting user permissions 3:20 3.5 MB
  • Allowing self-registration
  • Allowing users to modify user details

Using Global Tools

  • Modifying global configurations
  • Reading and writing private messages
  • Using the Mass Mail feature
  • Using the Media Manager
  • Using Joomla! help

Using Templates

  • Changing the look of the site using templates
  • Assigning templates
  • Adjusting templates with the HTML Editor

Extending Joomla! 1.5

  • Using plug-ins
  • Using extensions
  • Managing languages in the site
  • Joining the Joomla! community

Launching Your Site and Beyond

Launching your site
Understanding SEO